Safety & Security

Here at Kidorable we take the security and safety of the children very seriously. We have CCTV cameras on site which are monitored in the school office, as well as recorded onto hard drive. We also have Fire Extinguishers placed in different places to tackle any unforeseen fire accident.


The Kidorable nursery school is not located in the vicinity of a main road which helps reduce any risks of road traffic injuries.

Kidorable is committed to ensure a safe environment for your children at our preschool and daycare, inline towards this we perform a routine Enhanced Criminal Records check on all staff employed at the premises as well as checking references and identity information. 


Child Wellbeing

Contact Details

Please ensure that we have up to date contact details, especially phone numbers for use in case of an emergency. If you are moving house or change your mobile phone number please call the office and let us know as soon as possible, so that we can update our records.


Collection of Children

We provide identity cards to parents which will have photograph of mother, father and guardian (if any) along with children’s. Identity card needs to be produced every time when you are collecting the child. If someone else is going to collect your child from Kidorable for you, please let us know in advance. The person who is collecting will need to provide a password, which you have given to him and as well as us by sending SMS or email. Unfortunately we can’t let a child go without one, but we are sure you understand that the safety of the children is paramount.


Please make every effort to be prompt in dropping off and picking up your child. Doors open at 8.45 am. Children arriving late may miss out on vital educational circle times or other activities. If there is a problem or emergency, please telephone the office to let us know.

Medical Details

Please inform the school if there is any change in, or the development of, medical concerns e.g. asthma, eczema, allergy, feverish etc. You must provide us with the correct medication and information so that we can keep your child safe and well. Please never leave medication in your child’s bag for safety reasons. To administer medication we need to record the batch number, expiry date and check that the medicine is prescribed by a qualified health care practitioner. Please ask staff about the medicine consent forms in the entrance area, which need to be carefully completed.


Existing Injuries

Please let us know if your child has hurt themselves at home. Due to statutory practices within our sector, we must record any significant injuries on arrival at Kidorable so that we know they haven’t occurred during the school day.


To help prevent the spread of infection within the school community please keep your child at home if they are ill.
As a guideline:

Should you have any doubts about your child’s well-being and whether they are contagious, please consult a doctor.


Please make sure that all your child’s belongings are named. As well as footwear and clothing, this includes lunch boxes, drink bottles, which frequently get muddled up.


To prevent the loss of valuable teaching time, please ensure that your child’s shoes have Velcro fastening only. Velcro also helps children to be independent, which is one of our aims at Kidorable.

Change of Clothes

Please provide at least one change of clothes for your child, including socks and pants, just in case they get wet. We suggest that you leave a change of clothes in your child’s bag.


At Kidorable we promotes healthy and veg eating and encourage but not limited to below mentioned balanced diet.


We do have refrigeration facility in school premises. Parents are requested to inform us during drop in case refrigeration is required for your child’s lunch box.