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Welcome to Kidorable

Unleash your child’s potential


Your infant is provided with a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment with programs suited to his or her rapidly expanding imagination.


Toddler program is built around curiosity & places an emphasis on organization, choice, cooperation, environment, consistent with your toddler’s needs.


Your child will enjoy engaging in dramatic playtime,, constructing block structures, piecing together puzzles and painting their own imaginative creations.

Our Mission

We at Kidorable preschool and daycare have a mission to provide an environment that enables every child to have opportunities to learn and enable all round development. The children are encouraged to question, explore, investigate and acquire skills that will make them learners for life.

We provide value based education hence our curriculum is based essentially on the Montessori philosophy and approach.


Ages and stages are different from child to child, each person unique. Our role is to prepare the environment, study the child, give clear lessons, step back and support exploration and concentration, and then to observe the miracle of concentration on self-chosen activities and the resulting happiness and compassion toward others.





Infants (6 Months)

Your infant is provided with a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment with programs suited to his or her rapidly expanding imagination at Kidorable Day care. We focus on child specificity as the arranging of furniture, toys and materials and rest and eat schedules are all designed with your child’s growth and well-being at heart. Our skilled and specialized caregivers support each and every child during their earliest development.

Kidorable staff works closely with you to identify your child’s individual needs. We schedule sleep, naps, cleanings and feedings based on each infant and respectfully follow and integrate these schedules into our care program. Our staff will also evolve each infant’s program as they become physically stronger and more mobile.

Our daily routines are fun, exciting and flexible.


Our Young Toddler program is built around curiosity. At Kidorable environment is designed to cater to each child’s desire to discover and explore with materials that are safe, durable and engaging. Your child’s facilitator promotes language and cognitive skills through conversion, labelling, imitation, songs and stories. Motor skills are also developed with leg strength exercises, intentional body movement as well as hand and finger control. Daily routines help promote self-help skills as do the patient and loving caregivers who maintain a warm, comfortable environment, consistent with your toddler’s needs.


The Older Toddler program places an emphasis on organization, choice and cooperation. Your child is now developing cause and effect relationships, sequencing to make sense and increasing communication with expressive and receptive language. Pretend play, extensive story times and sensory explorations that include a listening center, science area and music are all implemented to enhance your child’s early development. Kidorable’s Indoor and outdoor activities are also incorporated into the daily routine in order to help build positive self-esteem as well as small and large muscle strength and coordination.

Our schedule are as flexible as your toddler.


Reading, dramatic play, arts, building blocks and sand and water centers in the classroom, allow for a wide array of activities for your child to engage in either independently or within groups. Teachers organize and lead circle times, which helps your child connect themes and ideas through associated stories, songs, visuals and special events. The beginning preschool program focuses on hands-on experiences that support choice, thinking skills, friendship and creativity. The program also promotes your child’s expression of ideas and presents opportunities for them to use increased skills and knowledge to build self-esteem and comfort.


A desire for independence, cooperation and constructive experiences defines our pre-schoolers. While the transition from home is smoother at this age, each child still requires several, healthy bonding experiences with both children and adults. This is why we focus on friendship building and the promotion of ‘self,’ every day.

At Kidorable preschool your child will enjoy dressing up and engaging in dramatic playtime, constructing block structures, piecing together puzzles and painting their own imaginative creations. Our preschool program encourages organized play and group tasks within a unified classroom setting, while listening and language skills are nurtured for a positive transition into formal kindergarten.



The Preschool Timing


Holiday Calender 2016-17

Kidorable Preschool session begins in June and closes in March. Summer vacation is usually in the months of April and May. Short breaks are provided around Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas and New Year. Dates for vacations vary each year and must be verified from the school administrator. Gazetted holidays are followed as per government rules. Details about school events will be informed much earlier to the parents.

Preschool and Nursery: ( Playgroup and Mont1) 09:00AM to 01:00 PM (Monday to Friday)

LKG (Mont2) –  09:00AM to 01:30 PM (Monday to Friday)

Daycare Timing: 09:00AM to 06:00 PM (Monday to Friday),

Saturday : 09:00AM to 02:00 PM  Only Office ( No preschool and no Daycare )


Why Kidorable

Why “Kidorable”?


Kidorable Classrooms

Kidorable preschool classrooms are spacious and specifically designed and equipped to provide best of learning in a fun way method we have divided our class rooms in below areas:

Discover Montessori

Why Early Education?


Learning begins well before a child enters the classroom for the first time. Children’s early years are a time for growth, wonder and discovery when the building blocks for physical well-being, school readiness and social belonging are established.

It has been identified that the early years from 0 to 6 years are the most important time from brain development in humans. It has been proven by experts in all over the world repeatedly that the capacity for a child to absorb concept & learning is the highest during 0 to 6 years of age, so it is necessary to identify areas of development that need to be focused on during these years of the child development and ensure that the same is imparted in an effective manner to the child. That is why early education is strongly recommended by the education expert…


Parenting Corner

Learning through Play

Play helps young children to learn and develop their physical, social, emotional and intellectual skills through doing and talking, it’s a means by which young children learn to think and act. It is also how they learn to socialise, as children engage in learning experiences with other children and adults.

There are lots of opportunities for you to help your child grow and learn. Parents can support their child’s development by choosing activities at home, which gives them a chance to explore and use their imaginations.

Children love to have the chance to make up their own stories. You can help by supplying some simple items to aid their imaginations. For example, you could set up a mini‑kitchen area, with some pots, pans, plastic cups and plates


Developmental Stages

Developmental Red Flags: Signs and Symptoms of Developmental Delays

Read More


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